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Surgery is a stream of medicine specialty that practices the use of various manually operative and instrumentalized techniques over the patient in order to investigate and diagnose. It helps in treating an injury or disease that will ultimately facilitate in the improvement of physical functions of the patient. This act or procedure is referred to as surgical procedure or surgery.

Surgery in Thailand offers a comprehensive range of surgeries such as cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, breast implantation, breast up-liftment, face lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, overall makeover, dental surgery, weight loss, hair transplantation etc. All these surgeries are performed under supervision of expert medical professionals under superlative international standards using state-of-the-art methods and equipments.

Many such processes and procedures of effective surgery are being practiced in professional hospitals and surgical centers of Thailand. Professionally trained surgeons, or medical practitioners perform the required surgery over the patients thus to relieve them of any disease or defect with extreme care and method.

Various types of surgeries are undertaken in Thailand by expert practitioners and surgeons keeping in mind various functions such as urgency, procedure, physical condition involved, extent of invasiveness, and instrumentation required. Some different kinds of surgeries that are performed include:

Elective surgery - This surgery is done in order to correct a non-serious condition.
Emergency surgery - This surgery is performed to save limb, life or any other functional deformity.
Exploratory surgery - This surgery is performed in order to help in diagnosis of any ailments.
Therapeutic surgery - This surgery provides treatment to an already diagnosed ailment.
Amputation - This surgery involves cutting off or removal of a limb or any other body part.
Reconstructive surgery - This surgery refers to reconstruction of any of the mutilated, injured, or deformed body part.
Cosmetic surgery - This surgery is performed in order to enhance the appearance of any of the normal body structure.
Excision - This surgery includes removing out any tissue, organ or other body parts of the patient.
Transplant surgery - This is the surgery that replaces any body part or an organ by the process of inserting of another organ or body part of another human in to the patient.

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